Lakeside will close two campgrounds during summer

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LAKE TEXOMA - The Army Corps of Engineers said they plan to close two campground lots during the summer. We asked them why and talked with campers who said the closures come at a bad time.

The Army Corps of Engineers announced the temporary closure of two campsites along Highway 70

Limiting campers options for much of the summer.

"i'm surprised they're doing it. I wish they wouldn't," said Erwin Chambers, a first-time camper.

On July 8th the corps will be closing Lots A and F in Lakeside campground for nearly two months.

"And that is strictly for budgetary and trying to gain park efficiency within that campground reasons," said B.J. Parkey, assistant project manager for Lake Texoma Corps of Engineers.

The lots will close after the July 4th weekend and reopen September 1st to accommodate Labor Day campers

Parkey said even with the closures of lots A and F, campers will still have plenty of spots to choose from.

"Lakeside campground is not shutting down. There's still going to be several dozen of campsites available. About 86 campsites will still be available. There's just a section of them, about 51, that will be temporarily closed from July 8th up until September the 1st," said Parkey.

But some campers we spoke to said this will end a 15-year tradition for their family...

"Our families are sad. This is our favorite place to come camp," said Angela Mainka, a frequent camper.

"Now that we know it's not going to be open, it kind of puts it out as an option. We just go to different places when we can. But this is our first time here and we really enjoyed it," said Chambers.

Parkey wants to remind people Lots A and F are a temporary closure as a way to increase park efficiency.

He said during the summer months campsite attendance drastically declines. He also said this is a new option they are trying and will revisit the possibility of future closures after summer.

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