Lamar County Courthouse closer to repairing leaks

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PARIS, TX - It's been a long battle, but county leaders say the water stained walls at the Lamar County Courthouse will soon be a thing of the past.

"The good news is we are on top of this, no one is throwing their hands up saying we give up." said Lamar County Judge Chuck Superville. "We're just going to keep plugging away at it until we get it solved."

The county spent $50,000 dollars on a new roof in 2008 hoping it would fix all the leaks, but continues to battle leaky walls and windows.

"We have this one lingering leak that has bedeviled us." said Superville.

Contractors have been flooding sections of the roof, determining what sections of the courthouse need repair. The Paris fire department also used fire hoses to find faulty windows.

"I think once we get those north windows all sealed, like they should have been, I think that problem is going to go away." said courthouse maintenance supervisor Russell Whitley.

But many residents worry about the amount of money spent on repairs.

"I don't mind paying to fix the problem, but when we pay the problem has to be fixed." said Superville.

Judge Superville says preserving the 96-year old courthouse is vital to preserving Lamar County's history.

"Its a beautiful old building, its very representative of our historic past." said Superville. "Its a legacy that was handed down to us from our ancestors and its symbolic of our way of life and our system of justice."

The county is now deciding whether to replace all the windows or just the leaky ones, once that is completed the interior walls will be restored.

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