Lamar County officials weigh the cost of cutting polling locations

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LAMAR COUNTY, TX -- Texas is advising its counties to cut costs when it comes to elections, but one Texoma county says they won't put a price on voter turnout.

Lamar County commissioners discuss reducing the amount of polling locations and changing voting boundaries for next years elections.

The Texas state government advised counties reducing the amount of polling locations would help cut costs, but county commissioners agreed it was more important to keep voters than add a small cost benefit.

Lamar County Judge M. C. Superville says, "The Commissioners court took the position that voting is an extremely important activity that it occur."

Commissioners received backlash from voters not wanting to lose their polling locations.

According to Lonnie Layton, the County Commissioner, "This system has been in place for a long long time and people are not ready for changes. This is just not the right time."

Judge Superville adds, "The other commissioners pretty much all three of them said, hey I've gotten to many phone calls for this, this is not appropriate for my precinct."

Precinct two is the only precinct making changes?combining two polling locations in Brookston into one location and relocating a Roxton polling location.

Commissioner Layton says, "I think if you start moving, making changes they're just not gonna vote."

With only 12,000 people voting in last years elections out of 55,000 people in the county, Judge Superville wishes he could use any means necessary to get more voters.

Judge Superville also added, "If they could vote in their house and their living room, I'm for it. If it makes it easier for them to do it."