Large tower going up at new Sherman emergency communications center

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Grayson County Commissioners have approved the purchase of a building in Sherman that will become the county's new emergency communications headquarters.

But as Allison Harris reports, some are concerned that a 200 foot cell tower, planned to go up at the facility, will be an eye sore for local residents.

15th District Judge Jim Fallon was at Commissioners Court yesterday, expressing concerns about the tower set to go up in his neighborhood at the new emergency communications facility off Lake Avenue and Crockett Street.

They say the tower will be 200 feet tall, similar in size to this tower at the Sherman Police Department.

Fallon says many of his neighbors are not aware of the new facility and tower and would likely not appreciate looking out their window to see the large antenna structure.

But Emergency Manager Sarah Somers says, "Public safety has to put towers up in order to do business and people think they're ugly but they're an absolute necessity.

Fallon pressed on, saying the tower is an imposing structure near peoples' homes.

"I guarantee ya the people down there do not know about it and this is a big structure with what looks to me, just from looking at the police department one, which they said is comparable, a very bright red light that flashes 24 hours a day on it," Fallon said.

Somers, and other county representatives, say purchasing the new communications center is necessary, as they've outgrown their current operations at the county jail.

No word yet on when they'll move into the new facility off Lake Avenue and when the tower will be constructed.

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