Law enforcement praises local organization after no DWI's New Years Eve

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LAMAR COUNTY, TX -- With thousands of people out Tuesday night, ringing in the new year, law enforcement says the city of Paris and Lamar County had no DWI arrests.

And they want to thank a local non-profit for their help.

"They are just doing a great service for Lamar County and I appreciate them," said Sheriff Scott Cass. "I know law enforcement recognizes the job that they are doing."

"We think they have a really good or significant impact as far as being able to keep the rest of the citizens of Paris safe," said Paris Police Officer Curtis Garrett.

Ronnie and Vicki Ballard started Dylan's Drivers two years ago after their son Dylan was killed in an alcohol related accident.

The organization offers free, confidential rides for people who have been drinking or just want a safe ride home.

"We don't want anyone to get that knock on the door or to come across where anybody has been hurt in a wreck," said Ronnie Ballard.

Tuesday night,Dylan's Drivers helped 44 people get home safely.

"To think that there really was no DWI's last night, tells me that our program is working," said Ronnie Ballard.

Since Dylan's Drivers started two years ago, they have offered almost 3,000 safe rides in Lamar County.

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