Law enforcement reminding drivers to drive safely in school zones

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(GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS) -- As Texas children head back to school Monday, law enforcement wants to remind drivers to slow down and obey school zone laws.

Texas Department of Public Safety and local law enforcement agencies want drivers to be mindful of school zone safety laws year-round but say the first day of school is especially chaotic.

On Monday, Texas children will head back to school and along with new pencils and backpacks come traffic and safety hazards.

D.M Hampton with the Sherman Police Department says, " the first day of school can be very know..especially the first week as people are getting used to drop off and pick up points for their kids."

Most Kids will adjust back into routines of homework and early bedtimes, but Texas DPS and local enforcement are stressing the importance of another kind of routine.

D.M Hampton, " it's been a while since those lights behind me have been turned on and so people need to get used to them again and get back in the routine of not driving down through the places they have all summer and be aware of where the school zones are at."

DPS and law enforcement want to remind you to drive the speed limit of 20 miles per hour in school zones, wear your seatbelt, and watch for children crossing the street especially at bus stops. It is illegal to not stop for a bus loading and unloading children.

Police say they want to remind drivers that it's also illegal to use a cell phone in a school zone which is a separate violation"

D.M Hampton, " so Monday, the first day of school could be a very expensive trip for you."

Rebecca Clements is a mother of three and says she understands why law enforcement takes the school zone laws so seriously..

Rebecca Clements ," too many kids crossing the have a lot of kids walking and biking..and they don't know to look both ways and what they're supposed to be doing."

Sherman Resident Jose Anguiano says he always slows down in school zones..

Jose Anguiano, " I drive real slow and I just be real careful because there's a lot of childs in the street.