Law enforcement, students attend Forensic Conference

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Ressa Smith grew up reading crime novels and watching forensic investigation shows like "CSI."

"There's two different fields I'd like to go with my degree. Either be an advocate for kids or be in the forensics field, like crime scenes," she said.

So she was right at home Friday at the 10th annual Forensic Coference at Grayson College.

Steve Cherry teaches criminal justice at Denison High School and co-organized the 10th annual forensic conference.

"We had the go-to lady for DPS in Austin [Rebecca Vieh]. There's nobody else that knows more about [DNA sampling] than she does," he said.

Smith is working on a criminal justice degree at Grayson.

"With what I've learned today, it actually inspires me more to get my degree to go into the field," she said.

The event was open to law enforcement agents and counts for continuing education credit. Students from Grayson College and Denison High School also attended.

"It's pretty accurate with the books because they're based on actual cases. But on the shows they don't exactly show everything," Smith said.

The event also featured presentations on child abuse investigations and a talk from a Dallas FBI agent.

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