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GAINESVILLE, TX -- JavaScript, Python, CSS. It may all sound Greek, but for some students at North Central Texas College, its the language of apps, a second language that will improve their future.

"Looking at it, it just looks like Hieroglyphics, you know you're just like 'what is this? I have no idea.' But you know the way Mr. Innis teaches it, he taught it very easily you know.. After a few weeks, you're just really learning a lot," said Jarred Douhtit, student.

"It's really a different language to learn. And Mr. Innis is really good about teaching us ya know these particular words do this to your program and letting us figure things out on our own," said Ray Gelo, student.

Jim Innis has been a programmer since the 1980s, he always wanted to stay up to date with technology and programming.

And now, Innis is teaching his students the keys to help them go further.

"I've always been that way, I've always known that my job is to help the students learn and I do what I can to help them," said Innis.

This is the first semester NCTC is offering the program, and after two semesters, students walk away with experience and certification.

"The certificate in some cases will open doors, just as a degree will open doors for you. This little certificate says 'no, I've had some training and I know what I'm doing in this.' And it will be a good investment for them to take the class and get the certificate," said Innis.

While Innis is teaching his students how to create any type of app, there's one that most of his students are focused on.

"For myself, I'd love to create gaming apps," said Douthit

"Maybe like a flying game," said student Matthew Colwell.

"I'd love to program games," said Gelo.

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