Legend of Annabelle; the ghost that haunts PCT

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PARIS, TX -- For decades there has been a legend of a young girl haunting the Paris Community Theatre.

"There are many legends in this old town, but none like Annabelle," said Paris Community Theatre Manager Tommy Stone. "A sad heartbreaking story it was or so that's what they tell."

The legend of Annabelle has changed over the years and added to the lore of Paris, but no one seems to know the true story.

"As long as I've been associated with the theatre, which is about all 37 of the years its been here, there has been a story and I think there was a story beforehand when it was the Plaza Movie Theater," said Stone.

"Supposedly when it was a movie theater and there was a balcony upstairs, a woman was murdered upstairs and so we claimed that this is her ghost that is haunting the theatre," said Paris Community Theatre charter member Billy Kennedy.

Over time the woman became a young girl named Annabelle. Whether Annabelle is a myth or real, many of employees and members of theatre say they have all had their Annabelle scares.

"Probably the creepiest I heard someone whisper my name in my ear," said Community Theatre employee Joshua Maxwell.

"The night before last I left about three in the afternoon and made sure everything was off, which is my ritual," said Stone. "I came back about 7:30 and the theatre was a blaze, as if someone had turned all the lights on."

"When we were working at night you would hear noises and creeks and this and that," said Kennedy. "We would begin to turn around and look, then things would begin to move. Paint buckets would be moved from one place to another and we just said that's Annabelle."

As the legend grows people continue to speculate whether it's the old building just showing its age or if Annabelle is roaming the theater.

"We can guess to what that is or who that is, but there is probably something here if nothing else memories locked inside this building," said Maxwell.

"I believe the theatre is haunted and I believe that it is Annabelle, so be careful what you say and what you do," said Kennedy.

The theatre will be open tonight for its annual Haunted Theatre until 9:30, so you can find out for yourself if Annabelle exists.

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