Leonard woman loses her home

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LEONARD, TX -- High winds destroyed one elderly woman's mobile home in Leonard. Today, the family is just trying to pick up the pieces.

"Well, I was just running through there just trying to see if I couldn't see anything. When I came around the very end here, they were laying in there. The older lady had a shelf over her head," said rescuer Clint Hinsley.

Hinsley was just yards away Wednesday night, when he looked outside his window and knew he had to act fast.

"Well I just knew it was an older couple, and as soon as I [saw] the house over I was just, I don't know. I just came outside. I was across the field, just did it," said Hinsley.

He was able to rescue the three Leonard residents immediately. They were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, but are doing ok.

After hearing the news that his grandmother's house had blown away, Robert Parker was in shock.

"I was just kind of emotional, you know, didn't really know what exactly was going on," said Parker

He spent his Thursday picking up the pieces, saving anything his grandmother cherished.

"It's just hard to even look at it. You know.. It was a home... Now it's just a pile of rubble." Robert Parker

Although the home is a total loss, the family says they are thankful everyone is ok. Red Cross has stepped in with food, shelter and clothing.

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