Letter carriers' food drive set for Saturday

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MADILL, OK--Carriers across the country are doing their part to stamp out hunger with a nationwide food drive.

The Letter Carriers food drive to stamp out hunger is the largest single-day food drive in the country and is set for this Saturday, May 12th.

The U.S. postal service got ready for its "stamp out hunger" food drive today by dropping off information cards and plastic bags to mail customers and said customers can get ready too.

"All you have to do is put a non-perishable canned food item in that bag hang it on your mail box and when we come around Saturday well take and donate it to the local charity" said carrier Shawn Laws.

Carriers said there is no limit to how much you donate and that the non perishable food items will be given to the local food banks in the area.

"You know you're not sending cans to an organization in another town to help others this is staying local and its helping our local people" said Laws.

Madill Resident Brenda McDaniel said she plans to participate this Saturday and said it's a little effort that goes a long way.

"You don't have take it somewhere and drop it off you can just set it out for the postal workers and that's an easy thing to do" said McDaniel.

McDaniel says most people can fill the bag with canned goods without even going to the store.

"Everybody has food in their pantry that they don't use, canned goods and you have more than you need and you don't use it and this would go for a good cause it's a good chance to clean out your pantry" said McDaniel.

The First Baptist Church in Madill is where some of the food collected goes. Senior Pastor Kent House said the donations help the church feed 40 to 100 people several days a week and said every item is appreciated.

"This is a way for you to help us and our community to help others in just the bare-necessities of life and that's just eating a meal" said House.

To Donate Visit: www.regionlalfoodbank.org
Or to make a $10 donation text "CAN" to 27722. (Message and data rates apply.)

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