Little Dixie helps Hugo family get new home

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HUGO, OK - A Hugo woman now has a new place to call home, thanks to a local building program.

New homeowner Marcie Renfro says it's a big change from her Hugo apartment.

"I just have a home now, I didn't have a home before. Not anything I could call my own." said Renfro.

For nearly 40 years Little Dixie has helped people build more than 1,700 homes through their Self Help Housing program funded by the USDA.

"The program is designed to help low income and very low income families get a new home, build a new home." said Self Help Program Director Terri Harless.

For six months family and friends worked together, helping Marcie with insulation, painting, staining and the clean up of her home.
Altogether around 750 hours of labor.

"They have to be willing to put in a lot of hours, they do a lot of their own work on these homes." said Harless.

Labor put in by the future homeowners is referred to as "sweat equity" helping reduce construction costs by almost $20,000.

"We are able to help a lot of people who otherwise could not get loans because their not able to go to the bank, because they can't come up with the down payment or don't have the money to do it at those interest rates." said USDA Rural Development Specialist Renee Thompson.

Marcie says she plans to start moving in her furniture as soon as possible starting with her bed, so she can enjoy her first night in her new home.

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