Local Boston Marathon runners return home to tell their experiences

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SHERMAN, TX -- Four local friends who ran in the Boston Marathon are home and safe.

But they say the horrifying memories they experienced will never go away.

Sherman resident Tony Phillips said they realized there was an attack once they got to mile 25.

"We could see people running toward us, and they had blood on their face. And a few people had shorts you could see blood on their legs," he said. "You feel anger. You think 'who could do such a thing like this.'"

Dean Phillips and Linda McMichael heard the explosion when it happened. They say it sounded like a growl.

"And I said 'what was that.' And his response was that was the sound of a demon,'" McMichael said.

"That's what people who do things like that want. They want mass confusion, chaos," Dean Phillips said.

And they say that's what ensued.

"It's just a real helpless feeling," Tony Phillips said.

Phillips' wife Pam said she heard about the attack Monday afternoon. It was another 45 minutes until she finally heard from her husband.

"I was trying to re-assure everybody without really being sure myself," she said.

But all three runners agree - you can't live life in fear.

"You can't run and hide from it, you can live in a bubble. So, we'll be back," McMichael said.

And will they go back to Boston?

"Absolutely," she said.

None of these local runners got to officially cross the finish line, since authorities barricaded the course at mile 25.

But they say in their minds they know they finished the race.

And their hearts are with the victims and their families.

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