Volunteers clean up Lake Texoma beach park

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POTTSBORO, TX -- A Lake Texoma beach park received a makeover Wednesday, in an effort to help bring more homeowners to the area.

"If you're going to use the area, clean up after yourself," said Sherry Smith.

On Wednesday, dozens of volunteers set out to clean up Island View Park at Lake Texoma. Sherry Smith from the Greater Texoma Realtor Association helped organize the event.

"We walked down the trail to this area, and then we cleaned up this parking area, and then the beach," said Smith.

They found tires, metal rods and even a barbeque grill. She says the crew decided to tidy up the beach in an effort to draw more visitors to the popular location.

Army Corps officer Brumby Judkins says spruce-ups like this go a long way.

"They probably hauled about 10 to 20 bags of trash. Really hard work, really dusty and sweaty, and we sure appreciate it," said Judkins.

Judkins says the Army Corps patrols this area periodically and can't keep up with the trash people leave behind. He says he hopes this beach cleanup will hit close to home for lake goers.

"It will send a message to the young people who usually habituate this place and they will see it's been cleaned up," said Judkins.

The Army Corps says public vehicle access to the beach was closed off around 2001, and there are no plans to open those gates anytime soon. But if you choose to walk down, or drive a boat up to the beach, they urge you to be courteous to everyone else who visits.

"We want the community to know that we have a great lake here at Lake Texoma," said Smith.

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