Local businesses work hard to make Valentine's Day special for customers

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SHERMAN, TX -- We celebrate Valentine's Day once a year, but for local business owners, it takes a lot more than one day to help make their customers feel special.

Flowers, candy, and fine dining are all things that come to mind when we think of Valentine's Day.

Many couples spend big bucks to shower their loved ones on this special day, but for local businesses like Wayside Florist in Sherman, this day means much more.

"We actually start prepping right after Christmas is over with," said Wayside Florist Manager, Elizabeth Baker. We start ordering and start prepping for this holiday, and the week before it's getting all your flowers in and getting everything ready for today."

Baker says their business orders about seven to eight hundred more roses than their usual order, and they sell out fast.

But flowers aren't the only thing that sells out quick...

T.J. La Rosa, owner of Fulbelli's Restaurant and Piano Lounge, says reservations have been booked for almost two weeks, and because of that, he expects his business to be busy all weekend long.

"Last night we had a lot of couples come in early because they couldn't get in on Friday," La Rosa said. "Saturday, we're seeing the same situation where we can only take certain reservations at certain times because we are completely booked."

La Rosa says he expects his restaurant to have over 200 guests on Valentine's Day alone.

And for those celebrating, they say they want to make their loved ones feel special.

"This is just another day to make them feel special with chocolate and candies for your daughter or your wife," said Michael Bollier, who stopped to buy flowers for his daughter at Wayside Florist.

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