Local economy takes a hit from winter weather

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Texoma got hit with another round of winter weather this weekend and the icy roads and dangerous conditions didn't just shut down schools, they sent some area businesses into a deep freeze.

"The ice storm and winter weather definitely is a negative for retail," said business owner, Bob Dickson.

Dickson, owner of Kaboodles in Denison, is one of the many shop owners who had to close their doors at least once this winter due to the weather.

Denison Chamber of Commerce President, Anna McKinney, says closing a businesses not only affects the shoppers, but the staff as well.

"The employees that are counting on their jobs so it can make it tough on their families and they do lose some payroll there," McKinney said.

McKinney says business owners do try to make up for the lost time by extending their hours and holding special promotions and sales.

Sherman Chamber of Commerce President, Eddie Brown, says local businesses are working hard to make up for cold hard cash lost during the storms.

"A lot of people will stock up much like going to the grocery store or taking care of the necessities, and the things they need afterwards they'll catch up a lot of the times after the storm," Brown said.

Dickson credits the community for shopping local and helping his and other small businesses bounce back.

"The storm we had in December definitely hurt us during the Christmas buying season, but we were able to offset that with the fact that we have loyal customers that when the weather improved, they were here," Dickson said.

McKinney and Dickson both say that social media also came in handy for businesses during the storm by informing residents about store hours and when they were opening back up.

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