Local educators react to House passing Texas graduation overhaul

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DENISON, TX -- Texas high schoolers could soon be tested, less. A new bill that's just passed the House is trying to improve standardized testing in schools.

With the current STAAR system, high schoolers in Texas face 15 tests over the course of their schooling.

"There should be accountability but there should be a limit to the number of tests these kids have to go through," said Jennifer Brown, Denison High School math teacher.

Mom, and high school teacher, Jennifer Brown, says the number of tests kids face is a real problem. And she is hoping a new bill that is heading to the State Senate -- that would slash the number of standardized tests students have to take from 15 to five -- will pass.

"It would help with our dropout rate. To keep kids in school and for them to see the benefits of going through the whole four years," said Brown.

The bill has already made it through the House, by an overwhelming majority. 145-2.

It would change the current Texas curriculum standards, allowing students to earn a "foundation" diploma. Meaning they would not have to take as many core courses, and they would have more time to take career-training electives.

"Everybody's been put through a college preparatory program and it serves a lot of our students really well. But there's some of them that need to have courses that enable them to leave high school and go out and get a good job," said Dr. Henry Scott, Denison ISD Superintendent.

And teachers are hopeful it will encourage their students.

"it won't discourage them quite so much and if we can get them to where they're a little older and have success in school then we can keep them usually. And that's the goal is to keep them until they graduate," said Allen Mobley.

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