Local emergency officials train for boating accidents

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DENISON, TX -- Local emergency officials are preparing themselves for a busy lake season, and while they hope they don't have to put their life-saving skills to the test, Saturday they brushed up their skills for the real thing.

Lake season is here, which means emergency officials may be responding to several water related emergencies. So, they want to be prepared.

Saturday the Division 10 U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Team, along with Preston EMS and Fire trained for the real thing at Lake Texoma. Today's scenario:

"There was a 52-foot vessel that caught on fire. There were eight people on board including three children. And the fire was intense and there was an explosion," district staff officer Lee Ellershaw said. "So, we had eight people in the water and, with broken bones, second degree burns, combination, some in shock."

Emergency officials say this exercise is important because each year they have to put these skills to work.

"We've had a number of them during my 15 years," Ellershaw said.

"Unfortunately, it is a frequent occurrence on the lake. So, this is an attempt to stay, to keep our skill up, skills sharp and our response ready," Preston paramedica Mario Moreno said.

The victims were wrapped in gauze, placed on gurneys and loaded in the ambulance as if they were headed to the hospital.

"We performed pretty well. We had everything that we needed. And just a little rough around the edges to begin, but you know we do this on a regular basis so that we find deficiencies or weakness, and we can work on them in training and strengthen them up and get them to where we need to be," Moreno said.

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