Local homeless veterans receive care packages, flu shots

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Of all the things in Timothy Karbula's military bag of goodies from Wednesday's homeless veterans drive...

"There's underwear, oh, there's another blanket in here," Karbula said.

..It's these dress shoes, that he plans to wear to church, that made him feel like Christmas morning.

"I don't like to wear tennis shoes with my only pair of slacks that I have," Karbula said.

Karbula is a homeless Marine trying to overcome drug addiction and years on the street.

"I found myself homeless several months ago, so I called the 800 number for the national hotline for Dallas and they put me in touch with just a ton of resources that I never even knew was there," Karbula said.

Karbula landed in 90-day emergency housing and underwent a substance abuse program.

He's now 60 days clean, getting ready to move into an apartment with government assistance, and will start college in December.

"I was living under a bridge in Dallas and um, I just wanted to make a change, you know?" Karbula said.

His story is all too familiar to Steve Norby, also a former homeless veteran, who now works at Four Rivers Outreach to end homelessness.

"I was at a point where I needed some help. I wasn't able to do it on my own. Somebody had to reach out to me and it was people like this that reached out to me and changed my life," Norby said.

This event helps these American heroes get back on their feet.

"You can go pretty far down, and all of the sudden, your life can change. Good things can start happening. There are people out here willing to help," Norby said.

"I used to take it all, stuff like that, for granted. I don't anymore. I give thanks every day," Karbula said.

If you know a homeless veteran in need, the toll free number to call for help is 1-877-4AID-VET.

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