Local law enforcement and students learn about forensic science.

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DENISON,TX -- Law enforcement from across the state spoke at Grayson College Friday about forensic science.

"The professional, the level we have this year is over the top." said Steve Cherry.

Local law enforcement officers and students listened to presentations from forensic experts from across Texas on everything from DNA to cold cases to investigative processes.

Steve Cherry has been in law enforcement for over 40 years with agencies across the country. He now teaches criminal justice at Denison high school and has put this conference together for the past 11 years.

"It's on a level that's understandable, it's a take home fact." said Cherry.

"We're learning forensics and how to collect evidence and take care of it." said Woodall.

"Some of this stuff I never would have though about, like the things with the guns, and how it leaves the print on the bullet." said Cornelius.

Shelby Woodall and Alyssa Cornelius are students at Denison High.

Woodall says hearing from it from their teacher is one thing but...

"When we hear it from professionals we say oh, well okay we really do need to know this." said Woodall.

Speakers lectured on inspecting evidence at crime scenes, DNA analysis back in the lab and how these processes have been able to convict criminals.

Cherry says the old cases presented often help officers with their open cases.

"We've got officers that investigate cases similar to the cases they're using as examples." said Cherry.

And Cherry says that's what the conference is all about.

"If you can use a case their example as a template and get a good conviction on it, then this is a successful conference."said Cherry.