Local man cycles across the country to raise awareness for illiteracy

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CALERA, OK - One local man is pedaling from coast to coast driving home awareness on the global problem of illiteracy.

26-year-old Christian Toews and 53-year-old Ed Weaver are on a cycle trip from Pacific Beach, Washington to Wilmington, North Carolina...pedaling toward an important goal.

"We are raising awareness on the issue of illiteracy. A lot of people in the United States don't realize that a large majority of the world can't read," said Toews

"I found out that two-thirds of the world were in this condition. When you get into rural third world areas, it's more like 80%," said Weaver

Toews and Weaver are part of the non-profit organization T-4-Global.

They started their ride on June 1st and stopped in Toews' hometown of Calera Friday afternoon.

"Yeah, this is my hometown. I love this place. I'm happy that everyone came out to support. It's so cool," said Toews

Toews has been a Calera firefighter for nearly 5 years, but said this journey is a different type of battle.

"For me, it's really about doing something bigger than myself. I can go ride my bike, but if I'm not making an impact on the world by doing it then what's the point. For me, it's really about doing something outside of myself," said Toews.

Toews and Weaver's journey is more than 4,000 miles long and is expected to last about 60 days, averaging nearly 500 miles a week.

When Christian told his father, Jacob Toews, about his ride, his dad only had one thought.

"I didn't think it was possible. I thought impossible," said Jacob Toews

"The things that I most look forward to, finishing the ride. And really just seeing the outcome of this, hoping that people really get on board and come along side T-4-Global in their efforts to better people's lives," said Toews.

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