Local police and judges working to stop drinking and driving

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GRAYSON AND FANNIN CO, TX -- Area police officers and troopers are stepping up their patrols to ensure the roads are safe this holiday. In fact, here in Grayson and Fannin county, law enforcement and judges are working together.

If you've had a few of these and you choose to get behind the wheel, law enforcement officials will be out on the roads making sure you're off them.

For Bonham police officers, they're treating this holiday weekend just like any other. That's because in Fannin and Grayson counties no matter the day or time it is never a problem to arrest drivers driving under the influence.

"We do take it seriously in this county," Sgt. Terry Edington said.

If an officer suspects someone has been drinking, the driver will first take a field sobriety test.

"The officer then makes the determination if the individual is to the point where he can drive, or to the point where he cannot drive," Sgt. Edington said.

If the driver cannot drive, he or she has the option to take a breath test. Sergeant Terry Edington says many drivers do refuse a breath test, but in Fannin county that's not a problem.

"If the individual refuses the breath test, then we have a search warrant pre made, just fill in the blanks. We fill it out, contact the judge, one of the judges, and the judge comes in and signs it," Sgt. Edington said.

Simple as that. Judges are on call 24/7, ready to head up to the hospital at any time to sign a search warrant to have the driver's blood drawn.

"Either way, we're going to find out what the alcohol percentage in your system is," Sgt. Edington said.

A practice officers say keeps the roads safe. If you are going to drink alcohol this weekend, simply do not drive.

"You're driving a deadly weapon," Dr. Eastman said.

Doctor Alexander Eastman sees trauma patients daily. He says drinking and driving is preventable.

"If you come to the trauma center injured, I guarantee you, you're going to spend much more money and much more time than that cab ride home," Dr. Eastman said

If you need a sober and safe ride home, AAA is offering it's annual Tipsy Tow service. A local wrecker service, Adam's, is having it's annual Holiday Haul.

Tipsy Tow: 1-800-AAA-HELP [222-4357]
Holiday Haul: 903-482-5784

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