Local restaurant hopes to help friend in need

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DENISON, TX---Staff at a Denison restaurant wants to help a co-worker who is on a transplant list for a new liver.

"I feel like you've kind of lost someone, whose been apart of you for a very long time." said Byley.

Clint Byley is a server at Cotton Patch in Denison. He's worked there for over 6 years. Bruce Gage has always been his General Manager, until Byley came home from college this summer and the familiar face wasn't there.

"It's kind of hard, sometimes you feel like he's been here forever, and you're never going to not see him, you feel like you'll just walk in the front door and expect to see him." said Byley.

Gage recently found out that he has liver failure. He's been placed on the transplant list, but with testing and procedures, the bills are adding up, so the café came up with a plan.

"Cotton Patch will donate 10% of each bill, each guest check we'll donate 10% of that, and then Cotton Patch will match that as well." said Palmer.

Clint Palmer is the new General Manager. He's also worked with Gage for several years and hopes the benefit will draw a crowd.

"We're asking for lot's of help, whoever would like to come out, they need a lot of help right now, and we're doing what we can to give back." said Palmer.

"He'll bend over backwards for anyone, just to help them out ." said Campbell

Cassidy Campbell is one of many employees that's worked for Gage.... And hopes they can help the man, that first helped them.

"I think he misses it, just as much as we miss him." said Byley.

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