Local school district considering Okla. bill allowing guns on campus

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ACHILLE, OK - An Oklahoma bill that would allow CLEET certified school personnel to carry guns on campus has been in the School Board's sights since discussions began at the Capitol.

Under HB1062, teachers and administrators who complete the120 hour training program can carry a gun. But each school district must approve it. And it's up to each board to decide how they'll implement the measure for their district.

Achille Superintendent Rick Beene said he likes the idea of having them on campus in case of a dangerous intruder - just not in a classroom.

"You'd want access to a firearm, in my opinion, who wouldn't," he said. "But in the subject of having them in the classroom, now you're making things more dangerous."

However, he's still hesitant about jumping into the change.

"We're gonna protect our kids at all costs. What we're not interested in is doing something that makes it more dangerous, instead of less dangerous."

State Rep. Dustin Roberts is one of 68 to vote in favor of the bill.

"The bill itself wouldn't have gotten any support if it hadn't been for local control. If we would have just passed a bill out saying the state of Oklahoma is going to allow teachers to carry on campus, [we'd get] no support at all, and I couldn't support a bill of that nature," he said.

Beene said he doesn't have all the answers, but wants the best protection for his campus.

"As a school, as a community, as a society, we have to do everything possible to protect our kids," he said.

The bill now heads to the senate for consideration. If it receives final passage, Beene said it's up to the board to decide the specifics, as to how it will be implemented.

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