Local superintendent discusses plans to keep schools safe

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SAVOY, TX -- All Texas schools have put in plan since the Columbine shooting more than a decade ago.

Savoy superintendent Brian Neal is doing his dissertation on rural school security. He said there's no way to completely stop something like this tragedy, but they're doing everything they can to prevent it.

Neal said school designs are now more open and visible.

Most schools only have one entrance - which is monitored, he said.

He said Savoy schools have frequent lock-down drills, and are always on their guard.

"We are at a higher sense of alert now than we were - everyday. Just because of the world that we live in and the things that we see in the news," he said. "Something little like a car you don't recognize on your parking lot."

Future generations will take security into account when building new schools, Neal said. An "environmentally" secure design, like open spaces, smaller windows and more visibility will help deter criminal activity.

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