Local teams compete in 48 hour film contest

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SHERMAN, TX -- It's the Sherman Arts Festival's 6th annual Script-to-Screen contest. Filmmakers had 48 hours this weekend to shoot a short film for a prize, but the teams we talked to say they're just in it for the memories.

Some Grayson county residents had one mission this weekend: get a short film shot in 48 hours.

"We need windshield gunshots, we need the concrete gunshots and then the muzzle fire," filmmaker Jackie VanZant said.

James Childs and Jackie VanZant say they didn't get much sleep. They spent Saturday filming, and Sunday putting it all together.

"When they give you 48 hours, you use every minute of that time to get everything shot, edited and directed, and chopped down under the seven minute time frame," VanZant said.

Same story for these teammates.

"The time frame is probably the hardest," filmmaker James Scoggins said.

This is the 6th year the Sherman Arts Festival has held the 48 hour Script-to-Screen contest. Each year more participate.

"Each year the movies have gotten more and more sophisticated and people have tried to have more and more ideas. The stories have gotten more and more complex," Script-to-Screen chair, Hunt Tooley said,

"It's basically a story about a little girl who gets kidnapped and the brother comes and rescues her from all the bad guys," VanZant said.

Tonight was the deadline and all the teams made it. Scoggins and Orris Polk have entered this contest many times, taking the judges advice and improving each year.

"Shorter scenes, sometimes we've gotten that, like different camera angles. We've been working on that. That's how come we've done it for so long. We have to keep working on things they tell us," Polk said.

The Sherman Arts Festival hopes this contest inspires local artists.

"They're really interested in promoting art in Sherman and Grayson county, and that this festival is a great opportunity to give people a chance to make art and this is really art being made by folks around us," Tooley said.

The viewing and awards ceremony is Sunday, September 16, at 7:30 p.m. at the Honey McGee Theater in Sherman.

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