Local veteran fights cost to beat rare cancer

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ALLEN,OK -- A local veteran with terminal cancer is fighting to stay alive and fighting its cost.

"To deny the treatments or delay the treatments is a death sentence from my perspective," said local veteran Kenneth Jolly.

It's been a three-year battle for 64-year old Kenneth Jolly. He's been fighting a rare form of cancer called Neuro-Endocrine Carcinoid, using a form of treatment not covered by his insurance.

In 2010, Jolly says doctors at the VA hospital in Dallas found multiple lesions on his liver and on his lung. Radiologists said he had just months to live.

"I was told that I had stage 4 cancer. I should consider doing nothing and going home and getting my affairs in order," said Jolly.

But this Navy veteran was in no mood to just give up. He started researching treatments for the cancer and found one called PRRT that was available in Europe, so he went there immediately.

"I was just told I have stage four cancer; you don't wait on cancer," said Jolly.

Since 2012, Jolly has traveled to Germany for several treatments and says they've helped reduce the size of his tumors. Each treatment is $12,000, which he pays for out of pocket with help from family and friends. According to Jolly his insurance company says its an experimental treatment and not medically necessary.

"It's heartbreaking," said Susan Stanford.

Jolly's daughter, Susan Stanford, has been by his side through the entire fight. She wishes her father didn't have to battle his insurance company.

"His focus should be on getting better, and feeling good, and enjoying life," said Stanford.

Jolly says the FDA has been performing clinical trials for the treatment he's receiving, but at this time, he's been told he doesn't qualify. In the meantime, he says, he won't give up hope.

"You know, when you reach a certain age, and I guess I'm there, dying doesn't scare you. But to die when you can do something about it," said Jolly.

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