Local veterans honor POW-MIA Remembrance Day

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PERRIN AIR FORCE MUSEUM -- James Farris served in the military for 26 years and, understandably, still gets emotional on this day, every year.

"I lost lots of friends in WWII. Some of them we knew immediately that they had been killed or captured, some of them were never recovered," Farris said.

Veterans at Perrin Air Force Museum say this day tugs at their heart, remembering loved ones lost at war.

For James, this day hits especially close to home.

"I had a brother that was killed in Germany that we knew nothing of the details of his death for maybe 50 years after he disappeared. And there are many, many, many stories like that," Farris said.

Another veteran explained the symbolism of the POWMIA table. A single rose for families who keep the faith awaiting their return; an empty chair, saved for their hoped return.

"There is honor paid to these youngsters to the fact that these youngsters gave their life and their all for the cause of freedom," Farris said.

"There are a lot of people that gave up their lives and the lives that they would have led to make the nation what it is now," WWII veteran Bernie Kuse said.

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