Local veterans honored with ceremony and trip to lake

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BONHAM,TX -- Some local veterans were honored Friday with a flag ceremony and a trip to the lake.

"I feel like Memorial Day and Veterans Day and these type of days should be every day," said Billy Teague.

Veterans headed out to the lake on a fishing trip organized by Clyde Cosper officials, following a flag ceremony at Cyde W. Cosper Veterans Home Friday morning; honoring the fallen and all those who have served.

Longtime hospice worker and former marine, Billy Teague, says this is a small way to thank these men and women for their service.

"All the men and women who have raised that right hand have taken an oath. They did so knowing that they might not come back home," said Teague.

Vietnam veteran Tom Ross attended the ceremony and recalls his time in the marine corps.

"We did what we had to do. We did our duty, we came home; some of us didn't," said Ross.

Ross says holidays like Memorial Day can be difficult for veterans like himself.

"It brings back memories of the past, which I just try to clear out of my mind," said Ross.

But a little peace of mind is just what organizers hope to give back to these veterans, who gave so much for our freedom.

Cyde W. Cosper officials say they put on this event twice a year. The next one will take place on the Fourth of July.

Teague says while this gesture of thanks may not be much, he knows these veterans will remember it for a long time.

"To be able to recognize what these men and women have done for us is just...You know I can't say thank you enough," said Teague.