Local volunteer firefighters rebuild a family's burned barn

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CALLISBURG, TX -- Last week, a Callisburg family's barn burned to the ground, killing their two show pigs that lived inside. Saturday, volunteer firefighters took it upon themselves to help rebuild that barn, and the family's spirits.

"The homeowner returned with her two children, and you could tell they were very distraught," Mike Stewart said.

Callisburg Assistant Fire Chief, Mike Stewart, says after fighting last week's fire he felt compelled to help the Smith family out.

"I felt heavy hearted about it. You know, she didn't care about the barn. She was a concerned mother. And being a father myself it weighed heavy on me," he said.

Stewart turned to Facebook and that's when the support rolled in.

Firefighters from Callisburg, Oak Ridge and Gordonville Volunteer Fire Departments spent their Saturday putting the pieces back together -- by rebuilding the barn.

"We're real close and real tight out here. You know, we all help each other out," Callisburg volunteer firefighter Samuel Stanford said.

"If it's something that is put on your heart, then you get together with other people that feel the same way and we just joined together as a group," Oak Ridge volunteer firefighter Carla Rickert said.

An anonymous donor wrote a check for materials and McCoy's Building Supply offered its support.

"It warms my hear to know that you can fight fire with somebody, but the fight continues even without fire," Stewart said.

Stewart was even able to donate two pigs. All this, in an effort to help the Smith family heal.

"It's community spirit. And I hope that's what she finds in this small town is that we are a community and we are family." Rickert said.

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