Local woman sits out to send a message

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SHERMAN, TX -- One local woman hopes to give students a little encouragement before they walk in the door.

"I think if we'd turn to Christ more than violence, we'd have a better place on earth." said Martin.

If you drive by the corner of North Colbert Avenue and Chaffin Street it's hard not to notice Mickie Martin, known as the "Jesus loves you" lady.

She sits at this spot every morning from 6:45 A.M until 8:05 A.M. holding up her signs and waving at the cars that pass by.

"I'm out here just to encourage the young people to search Christ." said Martin.

Martin has been here since the first day of school, and the message is always the same.

"I want them to remember that Jesus loves them." said Martin

Martin is an inspiration to not only the students but also residents along the street like Sharron Brookins.

"It's a statement we all need to here right now, in this country, especially these kids who are in high school. " said Brookins

Martins' daughter Leah says it's encouraging.

"As they're coming into the school grounds, and they see my mom right there, and she's saying Jesus loves you, that's a ray of hope to persevere throughout the day, have a ray of sunshine." said Leah Martin

Despite Martin not living here, neighbors say they don't mind, and hope she keeps coming back every day.

"She's more than welcome to sit up in our front yard, if she would like to." said Brookins

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