Local woman surprised with $25,000

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SHERMAN, TX -- One Fannin County woman got the surprise of her life Friday.

Nicolette Schleisman was there as her bank gave her quite a shock, and a huge check.

For three decades, Cheryl Haynes has made deposits at Neighborhood Credit Union, but she had no idea that Friday, she would be walking away with a $25,000 check from her bank.

"This morning I woke up singing 'how great is our God' and when I got in the car to come into work and Karen Peck was on the radio singing 'good things are going to happen today' and that's what I've told my team all day is good things are going to happen today. And it's just an answer to prayers. You don't know how much this means to me," said Haynes.

Cheryl Haynes has had a tough year. With bills piling up, and not a lot of money coming in, she says she was running out of options.

On top of the day to day stress, her best friend, mother and uncle, all passed away this year. She was worried she might have to sell her home, and all the memories they made there, just to get by.

"I've been praying for almost a year now that the Lord would provide for me so that I wouldn't have to go into my savings account or put my house up for sale. And this right here is an answer. He's saying nope you don't have to sell it, you can stay," said Haynes.

For the past 5 years, Dallas-based Neighborhood Credit Union has given out a monetary prize to their members who have dutifully saved with them.

"This time of the year, you're usually recovering from Christmas, you're getting ready for the new year. And so to get 25,000 when you don't expect it right at the beginning of the year, It kind of sets the tone," said Carolyn Jordan.

Haynes has been a loyal member of the bank since 1978. And the Senior Vice President of Retail Services and Development, Carolyn Jordan, says that is part of the reason why they were more than willing to drive 60 miles North of Dallas to surprise Haynes.

"All it takes is one of our members winning a prize and us coming to deliver it because we're so pleased with the loyalty," said Jordan.

Haynes says she is grateful for this new start to her new year.

"It's gonna be a great weekend," said Haynes.

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