Locals react to proposed gun control deal

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SHERMAN, TX -- There is a compromise in the Senate when it comes to gun control.

It is not the legislation President Obama wanted, but he says it represents progress.

Pennsylvania Republican Pat Toomey and West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin stood together - to announce a deal that will expand background checks to more gun buyers.

The proposed legislation would require individual sellers to do background checks on any potential buyers, even online sales and those at gun shows.

We spoke with a gun show organizer and a local gun owner to find out how it could affect them.

Gun owner, Wayne Braybant, was pleased to hear about the compromise, when it comes to background checks for anyone who wants to buy a gun.

"You don't know if you're selling it to a gang member. So you know there should be some control," said Braybant.

But he does not agree with all the proposed measures.

"I think there should be a certain amount of gun restriction, but not as far as the government wants to go," said Braybant.

Wednesday, two senators, Democrat, Joe Manchin, and Republican, Pat Toomey, revealed their deal to expand background checks for gun sales online and at gun shows. This comes one week after the lawmakers began their across the aisle talks.

But gun show organizer Joe Tom White says this proposal could do more harm than good.

"That's like dope dealers, you can buy in any truck, any car in any alley. People just set up shop on the side of the road," said White.

White has organized the Wichita Falls Gun and Knife show for 33 years.

He says if the new legislation passes, it would get rid of the gun show loophole that allows individuals to sell guns without a Federal Firearms License-- or submitting to background checks on all potential sales, and keeping record of them.

White says that would be detrimental to the gun show culture and local economies.

"If it should come to pass. it could affect our economy. It could affect our shows. The economic of these gun shows in every city is astronomical," said White.

But Braybant says this proposal is a good compromise for now.

"It's better than trying to control guns by your magazines," said Braybant.

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