Locke Field is open for commercial development

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GAINESVILLE, TEXAS -- The sweet sound of baseball will soon be long gone from Locke Field --possibly replaced by apartments.

"City council voted to allow commercial development of the Locke Field area," Gainesville City Manager Barry Sullivan said.

That decision didn't come without opposition from some Gainesville residents.

Locke Field is one of the last wooden ballparks in the nation.

"Locke Field came about in 1947," Former president of Morton Museum Stephen Gordon said.

Gordon took us through the archives at Gainesville's Morton Museum, revealing old photos of when the stadium was home to the Gainesville Owls.

A minor league team part of the Sooner State League back in the 50s.

"You know there a lot of people raised here that are used to that old green stadium and they're very unhappy about that being torn down," Gordon said.

Sullivan says Gainesville's history is important, but with high employment and increased sales tax revenue, the city is booming, and in need of more rooftops.

"Our council is very concerned about having that balanced development between residential and commercial," Sullivan said.

The city hasn't inked any contracts and a timetable hasn't been set, but Brown Properties is already proposing a gated apartment complex for the nine acre field.

Still, some are sad to see this piece of baseball history making an out.

"It hurts them to see another old structure from 1947 go to the wrecking ball and be replaced by some apartments," Gordon said.

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