Lone Grove deals with discolored water

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"There is no way I would ever drink that water," said Lone Grove resident Evelyn Parrott about the water that flowed out of her faucet this weekend.

She said, she's seen it before so she already has a go-to plan when she sees the yellowish brown liquid.

"We go buy bottled water if we have to," said Parrott. "But we won't drink it."

Parrott said she doesn't believe the water is safe to drink. But Lone Grove city manager Ian O'Neal said tests have proven that it's perfectly fine .

"We have to send our results into DEQ and DEQ goes over it," said O'Neal. "We've never had a test result come back where the water was undrinkable."

What they can't prove is what colors the water. O'Neal said it could be because the drought has lowered the water table. It could also be due to seismic activity stirring up sediment, or the chlorine used to treat the water.

"When you put chlorine in the water it highlights the iron and magnesium," O'Neal said. "And it makes it look rust colored."

He said Lone Grove's water supply comes from wells 600 feet under the ground so officials don't see the water first hand before it's pumped into residents homes.

But if residents report murky water, they send out crews to flush the pipes and turn off the well for a few days. Since they have multiple wells usually no one goes without water.

But that's not enough for Parrott.

"I hope they figure out what the real problem is and fix it for the citizens of this town," Parrott said.

O'Neal said they can't control well water, and building a lake for surface water is more expense than Lone Grove can afford.

But after the city flushes the pipes, he recommends residents flush theirs too.