Lone Grove family is thankful for blood donations that saved their newborn

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LONE GROVE, OK -- As we gear up to partner with OBI for the annual summer blood drives, we talk to one Lone Grove family, who says they have blood donors to thank for saving their newborn daughter's life.

"She is so fun. she is always smiling and happy."

kelly and phil freeman were thrilled when the doctors announced they had a healthy baby girl on Feburary 12th, 2013.
But just 24 hours later, they learned Lily had contracted Group B Strep, which turned into Meningitis.

"Within a span of 8 hours, we go from, well, we need to watch her to she may not make it," said Phil.

Freeman says after multiple tests and procedures, Lily was losing too much blood -- too fast.

"We didn't have enough time for us to wait to see if there was matches that would work for what she needed, you know, even relatives. We had a list of people lined up to do it. She needed it now," said Phil.

Thanks to blood donations, their daughter was able to recover.

"Within hours her complexion had started returning. I mean, it was just a miracle. I had never seen anything like that before," said Kelly.

"I, you know, held on to my hope in God and knew that He cared far more about my child than I did," said Phil.

The Freemans say because of their faith and the blood donations of others, they are now able to enjoy life with Lily.

"Just thank you. I mean, we owe Lily's life for that," said Kelly.

"You know, i'm much more active now in giving blood and it means more to me because I have a visual picture everyday when I come home of what, what one donation can change," said Phil.

For a list of upcoming blood drives where you can donate, visit: OBI.org