Lone Star Aerobatic Championships will be at NTRA-Perrin Field Friday

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX - Friday, pilots from across the U.S. will start their engines for the Lone Star Aerobatic Championships at NTRA-Perrin Field.

The contest has five categories: primary, sportsman, intermediate, advanced and unlimited.

Each category will have three rounds of flights, a routine everyone has practiced, a freestyle flight each pilot can create themselves, and an unknown flight the pilots get hours before the competition, and aren't allowed to practice.

The championships will be held at North Texas Regional Airport--Perrin Field.

"It'll look sort of like an air show except it's a little higher, but then when you get to the advanced and unlimited competitors they're down a lot lower. The advanced guys are at 800 feet, and the unlimited guys are down at just over 300 feet," said Contest Director Kate Kyer.

Pilots are competing for a prestigious Lone Star Aerobatics belt buckle.

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