Longest serving Murray County Commissioner plans to step down

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SULPHUR, OK -- The longest serving Murray County Commissioner says he'll be moving on after this year.

District One Murray County Commissioner Bill Lance has announced that he will be stepping down once the current term ends.

He has been serving as commissioner for 28 years and has supervised multiple projects, including the building of the Murray County Expo and Workforce Center, the very first E-9-1-1 system and center for the county, a new hospital, six fire departments, and helped create a funding mechanism that supports five senior citizen and nutrition centers.

Lance says, "It's been a good joyful ride for 28 years, hadn't always been easy but, you know, I just think it's time for me and my family to do something different and we've accomplished a lot since we've been up here."

He says he attributes his success over the years to the constant support of the community.

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