Love County Residents Concerned Over Earthquake Like Tremors

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"Some of them are so violent they almost knock you out of bed. Other ones are kind of just a little rumble. But they've been constant and ongoing for about 11 days now."

Dick Piper says in his 26 years of living in Love county, he's never experienced anything like the tremors he just described before and neither have many of his neighbors...

" bad we were scared to leave our home. it seems like these things have just got worse..."

But one resident is all too familiar with seismic activity.

"I've lived through three major earthquakes in California. I lived in Northridge in '94 during that earthquake and these are no different. It just wasn't as big. But the tremors and the aftershocks that we have after big earthquakes are the exact same as this. And they cause major damage."

Love County Emergency management director, Tracy Smithwick, says he's not entirely sure what's causing the tremors but hopes to have more answers soon.

"The latest information that we have is that it is coming from Dolese due to blasting but like I said there has been a lot of oil field activity going on in the county also."

Dolese is a rock quarry located in Ardmore near Criner Hills Road,
but residents like Piper believe Dolese is not the cause.

"I have never felt an explosion from the rock quarry in all the time I've lived here. And we're probably 6 or 7 miles maybe from the quarry."

One Overbrook resident has even started recording all the seismic like activity.

"it concerns us all. We would just like to figure out what's causing this and how to solve it..."

We reached out to Dolese today but were not able to reach anyone for comment.
Smithwick says he's going to reach out to the U.S. Geological Survey for insight.

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