Love Co. man found guilty of murder of two family members

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MARIETTA, OK -- A Love County man, convicted of shooting and killing his 78-year-old father-in-law and his 80-year-old sister, was convicted today.

The victims first cousin, James Hodges, say they're relieved after hearing Carlile's guilty verdict.

"That's more punishment than the death sentence because you got many a year to sit there and do absolutely nothing," said Hodges.

After three days in the courtroom and 4 hours of deliberation,
a jury found 65-year-old Aaron Carlile guilty of two counts of first degree murder Wednesday afternoon.
Now, he could face life in prison.

"We'll have a formal sentencing on July the 29th. The jury today recommended life without parole for each count," said District Attorney, Craig Ladd.

Carlile is accused of shooting and killing his father-in-law, Sunny Culwell, and his sister, Almenia Culwell, while they were fixing a fence on family property in rural Love County in May of last year.
Culwell was arrested on two counts of first degree murder and has maintained his plea of not guilty.
But the jury disagreed, not only finding him guilty, but recommending life behind bars.

"I think it was just," said Hodges.

"It's an awesome, awesome thing to understand that justice was served for the family of the Culwells," said assistant district attorney, Tim Burson.

Both Ladd and Burson say they would like to thank the jury for their service.

"You could just tell from the jury that they took this very seriously and I really appreciate how they looked at the evidence so carefully and I think that their verdicts were certainly supported by the evidence," said Ladd.

Carlile's attorney declined to comment.

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