Love County residents concerned about proposed saltwater disposal site

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LOVE COUNTY, OK -- Some Love County residents are standing their ground, trying to stop the installation of an underground waste water injection well. They say it hits too close to home.

Several rural Love County residents are protesting a proposed saltwater disposal site by Cobalt Environmental Solutions that would be located off of highway 32 near the junction of highway 96.

"If this well, if it was to rupture or get up into the water supply, it would just devastate this whole area," says Luther Malone.

Malone is one of those residents. He lives in Burneyville about a mile west of the proposed site.
He says he takes care of his 94 year old mother in law and is a disabled vet himself.
If something were to happen to their two wells, he's not sure what they would do.

"You know, if we were to lose this place or the water was to go bad, how do you care for a woman that age? And you know, how do you move a woman that age to a new residence?" Asks Malone.

Falconhead general manager, Barbara Selby, says she's also concerned about the proximity of the potential drilling site.

"The aquifer that they are going through, is our sole source of water and the public water system that is regulated by DEQ," said Selby.

"I would suggest to you that it is not a threat to the ground water and the aquifers that they are claiming," says CEO of Colbalt Environmental Solutions, John Barnidge.

He says they consult geologists and closely follow the Oklahoma Corporation Commission guidelines before deciding where to place a saltwater disposal site.

"Based on their geology of the area, we do our very best to stay away from some obvious problem areas such as fault lines, things like that," said Barnidge.

Barnidge says the new disposal site could even benefit the area by creating job opportunities.

"The oil and gas producers hire local workers for their businesses and there are many, many service companies who service those oil and gas producers," said Barnidge.

If you are interested in signing the letter of opposition, call Tarrah Lucero at (580) 276-6893.

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