Flames cross state lines to Grayson county

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GRAYSON CO, TX-A fire that burned thousands of acres in Oklahoma crossed state lines Monday burning hundreds more in Texas.

Firefighters from Grayson and Cooke counties have been monitoring the blaze sweeping through the tree line along the Red River since 2:00 Monday afternoon.

Grayson County Fire Marshal, Kevin Walton said the flames started in Love county, spread to Marshall county, then crossed over to Grayson county. Walton said because of the high winds and drought conditions, they have been keeping a close eye on the fire as it headed west for almost 8 hours. Firefighters from Gordonville, Sherwood Shores and Callisburg have been on stand by on Delaware Bend Road in case the fire headed south.

Walton said, they decided not to approach the flames just yet.

"It's not worth risking volunteers and equipment to put out something that potentially we can't put out anyway so we're just gonna watch it. But if it comes back this direction, we're gonna stop it at the bottom of this road down here before it climbs back up the ridge," he said.

Walton said they are still determining how many acres are burned in Grayson county. There are no reported injuries or structures threatened.

We'll update you on any new developments.

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