Love county family loses home to fire

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Firefighters said they found a mobile home burning when they rushed to Shady Dale Road at 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

Tyler King lived there with his parents.Watching the double-wide consumed by flames meant watching his memories turn to ashes.

"Eight years in this house, everything I own, everything I had was in there," said King. "Everything my mom had, baby pictures...everything."

Now all of that is gone.

Chris Kirk is Greenville-Overbrook volunteer fire department's assistant chief and said they couldn't save the home. They could only keep the fire from spreading.

"The building itself is pretty much a loss, but now what we do is make sure that the rest of the buildings around it or exposures around the building, they don't burn also," said Kirk.

10 different fire departments and 22 firefighters battled the blaze for about an hour before the flames died out.

But even though the fire's out the losses keep mounting for King.

"I got one dog out, I got my cat, but...I couldn't get my other dog out of there," King said. "Which I feel bad for because that was my mama's dog."

And the future looks uncertain.

"I am clueless on what we're going to do," said King. "I have no idea."

In the meantime, King plans to file a claim with the family's insurance company and help his parents.

"All I'm worried about is my mom, my dad, getting them some place to stay," KIng said. "I can find a place to stay."