Love Co. residents seek answers about earthquakes

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LOVE COUNTY, OK - The town hall meeting began with basic facts on quakes, but Love County residents like Lesilie Walker have already experienced them first hand.

"It was a very loud boom, and then our house rattled for several seconds," said Walker.

Walker is just one of the people in the county who has felt the tremors. The Oklahoma Geological Survey said they've detected 19 earthquakes with a magnitude of 2 or more--and hundreds of smaller ones--in the county since September 16th.

From their research so far, OGS said they believe the quakes have been shallow--about 6,000 feet into the earth--because residents have been feeling them with a high intensity compared to their magnitude.

But the big question is the cause behind these quakes. Some residents think they know the answer, blaming the tremors on a nearby salt-water disposal well on Oswalt road and Highway 77.

OGS research seismologist Austin Holland said they haven't had enough time to tell if that's the case..

"We can't say whether the earthquakes are due to natural causes and the well was just a coincidence or whether the earthquakes are caused by the fluid injection in the disposal well," said Holland.

Walker just hopes they get to the bottom of it, and soon.

"I just want to hopefully get some answers as to what's causing them all of a sudden," she said.