Sherman's Loy Lake Bridge closed for expansion

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SHERMAN, Texas -- The Loy Lake Bridge closed Tuesday, and we have detours to help you get to the shopping center and avoid the construction.

The Loy Lake Bridge over U.S. 75 was first scheduled to shutdown on June 16 as crews expanded the bridge from two to four lanes. The closure was then moved back twice -- first to June 30, then to July 8 to avoid creating a Independence Day traveling problems.

It will be closed for an estimated eight to ten weeks and construction is on schedule, according to TxDOT spokesman Tim McAlavy.

To get to the shopping center, here's the two main detours:

If you're coming from the south or western area of Sherman, exit Highway 82 onto N Travis Street. Then turn right onto E North Creek Drive.

This detour will take you into the shops the back way near The Home Depot and Petco.

Be sure to use caution on E North Creek Drive, however, because this detour takes you into a residential neighborhood with a stop sign.

If you're coming from the central or eastern area of Sherman, hop on the U.S. 75 frontage road headed north. Then turn left onto Fallon Drive and loop back around onto the southbound frontage road to enter the shopping plaza.

McAlavy said drivers should use caution when driving near the construction area because the speed limit will be reduced.

In addition, News 12 is told the southbound lanes of U.S. 75 won't be affected by the bridge closure. However, the northbound lanes will be diverted onto the frontage road, then back onto the highway.