Loy Lake Bridge closure pushed back

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SHERMAN, TX - A new date has been set for the closure of the Loy Lake Bridge. TxDOT had previously announced the bridge would close on June 16th. But that date has now been pushed back.

If you've been driving around the Loy Lake Bridge in Sherman, you've probably noticed crews starting to work on the bridge's reconstruction.

"We've been planning on this project for awhile. The simple fact is this area has grown. The population has grown. The bridge is at capacity," said Tim McAlavy, information officer for TxDOT.

TxDOT officials had announced the bridge would be closed to drivers on June 16th. But that date has now been pushed back two weeks to June 30th. It will be some time before it reopens.

"The bridge closure, we're hoping, will take about 8 to 10 weeks. During that time we'll have detours clearly marked and established . So the traveling public needs to be sure and pay attention when they come through," said McAlavy.

The bridge reconstruction is a partnership among TxDOT, United Commercial Realty and the city of Sherman.

Once the first phase is finished, the city of Sherman will begin theirs.

"TxDOT and United Commercial Realty have band together to do the bridge and the overpass and that work. Then we're going to take off from where they're leaving off and we're going to extend that south to Sarah Swamy. We're going to install a traffic signal there at Sarah Swamy." said Clay Barnett, Sherman Director of Public Works.

TxDOT officials said the finished project will make a much safer environment for everyone. But in the meantime, the public will have to be patient.

"That's a one year project that we started last year. It's going to cost about $5.6 million. The overall plan is to widen the roads from two lanes to four and put in left turn lanes," said McAlavy.

Officials are urging drivers to be more diligent come June 30th, when the bridge closes, and pay extra attention to traffic controls.

They also want remind everyone to reduce your speed when driving around the construction site.

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