Loy Lake Bridge reopening date pushed back

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SHERMAN, TX -- After nearly two months of construction, the Loy Lake Bridge is still closed and will remain shut down for an extra month.

The project, that was originally expected to be completed by late August. is not yet finished and turns out, it'll be a while before drivers can cross US-75 on the bridge.

TxDOT reps say weather and other construction issues have delayed the project.

Now, the bridge is set to reopen in early October.

Since it closed back in July, drivers say the closing of Loy lake bridge has been quite frustrating.

"Very big inconvenience for a lot of people," said resident, Rita Key.

"It's hard to get on the highway or the main road sometimes," resident, John Sutherland, said.

The initial shut down of the bridge was pushed back twice, now TxDOT officials say the reopening will be pushed back as well.

The bridge was scheduled to be closed for 8 to 10 weeks and reopen at the end of August, but that date has changed.

"The old bridge is scheduled to be reopened in early October," said TxDOT Spokesman, Tim McAlavy. "We had planned on the end of September but we have to wait on the contractor to improve and resurface some lanes on the frontage road."

TxDOT reps say the weather and other construction issues played a part in the delay of reopening the bridge.

"We were scheduled to place four big concrete beams on the bridge," McAlavy said. "One was damaged while the beams were being delivered. That cost us almost 3 weeks to get a new beam up and get it in place."

The entire 5.6 million dollar project is still set to wrap up on time around February or March 2015.

"The work on the new bridge is progressing nicely. We're finishing up the old bridge and we hope to have the new bridge open to traffic pretty soon," said McAlavy.

Meanwhile drivers say the reopening can't come soon enough.

"You have to sit in traffic for a really long time and sometimes if you're pressed for time and you can't get there, you have to take other routes to go around," said Key.

When the project's complete, this bridge will go from two to four lanes and there will also be a new traffic light installed at the intersection of Sara Swamy Drive, right before the bridge.

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