Madill Schools to build safe rooms

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MADILL, OK - $1.2 million. That's how much money will be spent on safe rooms out of the $2.5 million dollar bond that passed Tuesday. Madill Superintendent John Tuck said that's the price of safety.

"I think it's really hard to vote against a safe room in Oklahoma," said Tuck. "That's one of those issues that we obviously, we think is very important for our kids. We really have nothing right now."

The safe rooms will double as classrooms.Three will go on the south end of the elementary school and two will connect to the south part of the high school.

"So everything is beefed up to the architects standards," Tuck said. "Even though this is not a FEMA grant we're going to be similar to FEMA standards."

Each safe room will be 800 to 900 square feet, built with reinforced concrete walls, roof and minimal windows. That's a comforting thought to Stephani Butler who has a son in Madill Schools.

"It's very important to me that he's safe at school and that Madill public schools taking these steps to make sure that he's safe," said Butler. "That means everything to me."

Tuck estimates they can fit all high school students in the safe rooms and most elementary students in theirs. But Tuck said that isn't enough.

"I proposed anytime we build a classroom, it's not much more expense, that we always try to build a safe room at least until we get to a point where we can house everyone," said Tuck.

Construction should begin on the safe rooms this spring, and Tuck hopes to start using them by next school year.

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