Madill to automate backup water plant

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Your water's journey to the sink startsat a water plant. The backup plant for Madill--called Plant B-- was built in the 1950's and is still manually operated.

Now the city wants to automate it. But Mayor Keven Eppler said first, they're getting some advice from engineers.

"How we need to automate it, whether it needs to be completely redone, if it can be retrofitted with new automation controls," he said.

Eppler won't know the cost until he knows the next step, and he expects to know that in 45 to 60 days. In the meantime, city councilman Tom Austin said the money for this project will flow from Madill's water bills.

"Over the last couple of years we've increased the water bills to the point where we can start doing the things that need to be done," said Austin.

Some residents are already giving a flood of support for the idea.

"Water quality is iffy at times so if we can get good quality water than that's gonna help grow the town I think," said Chris Harper, a Madill resident.

Eppler said this automation project needs to be completed to keep pace with environmental quality standards and to avoid the inefficiency of manual operation.

"We had an incident with the A Plant and had to switch over to the B plant," said Eppler. "And of course it's a 24-hour deal when you do that because it's not automated at all."

But the thirst for automation will have to go unquenched for the near term until the city finalizes it plan.

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