Malware threat could affect internet access

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SHERMAN, TX -- A threat against your computer could block your access to the internet Monday, July 9.

Nearly half a million personal computers are infected with a malicious virus, and users may not even know it.

Every web search starts with something called DNS. It translates web addresses into numerical addresses that computers use to send web traffic to the right place.

The malware, called DNSchanger, kicks in when you log on. Then it'll route you to either a fake version of the site you were looking for, or a malicious website where criminals can access your personal information.

"As of July 9, if nothing happens and its dormant, it changes the DNS settings for the computer and as of July 9, you wont be able to get internet access cause you won't have your DNS correct," said Brian Walker, owner and director of technology for Monarch I.T.

IT specialists like Brian Walker say that makes it even more dangerous. Most people don't even know they're at risk.

In November, the FBI and Estonian law enforcement arrested a group behind the DNSChanger Virus that affected 4 million computers worldwide, since then, the F-B-I has been operating replacement DNS servers.

But on July 9, the court order expires, and the FBI will shut down their servers, which will stop affected users from accessing the internet.

"Those type of methods have been around for many many years through spam and things like that where the infected computers were shut off and not allowed to send out emails. So I have no doubt that it will be the same methodology as that," said Walker.

Internet providers, like Verizon are pairing up with DNS Changer Clean up Operation, a website that detects and helps you fix your infected computers.

In a statement Verizon says that even though the feds will suspend their temporary servers, the company will continue to provide internet for their customers.

IT professionals believe that the best way to make sure your computer remains safe is to take it to a licensed and bonded I-T service.

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